Acne Specialist & Ethnic Skin Care Expert

Kathryn Khadija Leverette

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Bay Area acne specialist and ethnic skin care expert Kat Leverette is a licensed esthetician who practices clinical skin care at Clinically Clear.
The center is located in the Northern California city of San Leandro, near Oakland. She opened the San Francisco Bay Area’s first practice dedicated to acne and multi-ethnic, multicultural skin care in 1987.
Clear skin strategies include safe and effective techniques for acne treatment, hyperpigmentation, razor bumps, acne scars, keloids, and skin of color challenges.
Clinically Clear specializes in ethnic skin, the only facility in Northern California dedicated to urban skin solutions for black skin, brown skin, multicultural skin care, Hispanic and African-American skin care issues and all darker skin tones.
Call the friendly skin care team at 510.370.3333 or 510.878.9177 to learn about effective acne treatment, skin brightening systems, acne scar treatment, corrective non-comedogenic skin care, protocols for skin of color, and superior acne products.
Kat Leverette is the San Francisco Bay Area’s most well-known and experienced acne specialist, black skin care and skin of color authority, independent industry educator, consultant and trainer in safe and effective protocols for: