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Razor Bumps - Ingrown Hairs- Black Skin Care - San Leandro CA

razor bumps and ingrown hair

Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs and Skin Discoloration What Are They?

Razor bumps, also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, is the number one complaint among black men and women who shave or perform other hair removal methods. Caused by stiff facial hair and a genetically-caused curved follicle, the hair tips reverse their course and literally penetrate and [more…]

Shaving, Haircut & Hair Removal Rules

Do plan to communicate with us on a regular basis until (a) total clearing is achieved, (b) you’ve stopped “bumping up”, (c) your shaving habits are ‘on point’ and (d) you’re consistent with your home care and new shaving method.

Do shave with the PFB Bump Fighter or BIC Disposable for Sensitive Skin with an [more…]

Acne Keloidalis

Those Painful, Scarring “Back-of-the-Neck” and Scalp Bumps

Acne keloidalis nuchae (deep pockets of inflammation buried under keloid scars), also called acne keloiditis (sore, pustular bumps) or AKN, affects the occipital scalp area, back of the neck, and in some cases, the entire scalp. This condition usually first appears and then flares up when black men [more…]