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Kat’s Clientele

Kathryn Khadija Leverette is proud so many professional athletes are among her clientele at Clinically Clear Skin Rehab Center in San Leandro, CA. They include members and former members of the Oakland Raiders, Golden State Warriors, Baltimore Ravens, Sacramento Kings, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Supersonics, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, New England Patriots, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, Washington Wizards, Philadelphia Eagles, Portland Trailblazers, Atlanta Hawks, NFL Europe, Canadian Football League, NCAA college teams, dozens of NFL/NBA agents, coaches, retired athletes and professional athletes around the world. Read their testimonials below.

Professional athletes: Ray Lewis Super Bowl MVP (retired Baltimore Raven), Tim Brown, Jerry Porter, Tyrone Wheatley, Zack Crockett, Anthony Dorsett, Bobby Brooks, DeLawrence Grant, Johnnie Harris, Marcus Knight, Albert Lewis, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Lorenzo Lynch, Eric Johnson, Terdell Sands, Carl Kidd, Grady Jackson, Marcus Williams (Oakland Raiders/former Raiders), the late Eric Turner, Darrell Russell and Tim Hall (deceased Oakland Raiders), Jimmy Smith (retired Jacksonville Jaguar), Sam Adams (former Seattle Seahawk and Baltimore Raven), Brian Kelley (former Tampa Bay Buccaneer), Bobby Taylor (former Philadelphia Eagle, Seattle, Seahawk), Sekou Sanyika (former Arizona Cardinal), Bobby Hamilton (former New England Patriot, New York Jet), Don Griffin (former San Francisco Forty-Niner) and NBA players/ex-players Mitch Ritchmond, Marc Jackson, Rod Higgins, Gary Payton, Erick Dampier, Adonal Foyle, Bob Lanier, Isaiah “JR” Rider, and Baseball Hall of Fame legends Rickey Henderson and Vada Pinson. See testimonials below.

Actors and entertainers: Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, Grand Canyon, Angels in the Outfield) and Laurence Fishburne (Boyz N the Hood, Deep Cover, What’s Love Got To Do With It, Othello, The Matrix), Ben Stiller (Mystery Men, Something About Mary, Starsky and Hutch), writer Terry Macmillan (Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back), actor/director Bill Duke (A Rage in Harlem, Deep Cover, Sister Act 2), singer Angela Bofill, Latin bandleader Pete Escovedo, bluesman Joe Lewis Walker, Too Short, the late Tupac Shakur, members of Troop and Tony! Toni! Tone!, 2 Live Crew, and No Limit and Def Jam recording artists. See more testimonials below.

Celebrity Testimonials

Laurence Fishburne, actor: “Kat, you’re a real miracle worker! Thanks for the stuff. I look like a bonafide ‘moving star’ thanks to you. I turned actor Shy McBride on to your shaving method, and now his skin looks as clear as the LA sky after the rain!”

Ray Lewis, Pro Bowl linebacker, Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl MVP: “Kat, thanks 4 everything! You’re the best. I’m your friend-4-life!”

Sam Adams, Pro Bowl defensive tackle, former Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders: “You’re the bomb, girlfriend!”

Jimmy Smith, retired wide receiver, Jacksonville Jaguars: “Thanks, Kat. You’re the best!”

Don Griffin, defensive back, retired San Francisco Forty-Niner: “I may have left the Forty-Niners, but I’ll always come back to Oakland. Kathryn Leverette is the only one who can solve my skin problems.”

Carl Kidd, former defensive back, Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings, former linebacker, British Columbia Lions: “Wearing that helmet six months out of the year tears my face up! Kathryn Leverette takes care of all my skin and scalp problems. Kat can kick butt on bumps!”

Mitch Ritchmond, retired NBA MVP: “When I’m on the court, my skin sure takes a beating. I’m prone to dark spots, scratches, bumps and blemishes. Kathryn Leverette helps me address my skin problems and maintain healthy skin. Kat’s solution is the solution for me.”

Too Short, rapper/producer: “Kat, thanks for everything!”

Lorenzo Lynch, strong safety, retired Oakland Raider: “Football’s a tough job, and my skin sure took a beating. Now that I’m back in the town, Kat Leverette helps me tackle all my skin problems. So, don’t you get penalized with rough skin!”

Angela Bofill, singer: “When I first met Kat Leverette years ago, my skin was covered with cystic acne. She cleared me up fast, and has kept my skin clear for over 20 years. Kathryn Leverette is the only one who’s taken care of my skin.”

R.I.P. Darrell Russell, deceased defensive tackle, former Oakland Raider: “Kat, thanks so much for giving me back my bronze skin tone. Stay sweet.”

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Jennifer F. Oakland, CA: This is one of the best spas I’ve ever been to. I can’t rave enough because they cater to People of Color skin care needs, both male and female.

I’ve tried a number of different solutions for my problem skin with my dermatologist over the years. Kat put me on a home-care regimen in combination with clinical treatments and I’ve had phenomenal results. They’re the best I’ve ever had, even better than pharmaceutical help. Not only will they clear you up with the best products, but they are not joking around about helping you make lifestyle changes to help your skin as well.

On top of all of this, I love their astoundingly reasonable prices. I have shopped around and everyone seems to think we must have an investment banker’s income, just because we live in the Bay.  I need something truly effective and that I can afford on a regular basis and they’re is within that range. You won’t find anything cheaper for the quality, and you’ll find a host of spas three times as expensive for half of the quality in the Bay Area.

I’ve gone to so many day spas in the Bay Area over the years, searching for the one magical esthetician who will not over pamper my skin because I threw down a blush-fully large amount of money for it.  One thing I love about is the no-pamper policy.  And yeah, extractions can be painful, but you need them. They really work on you to get results, and it is so worth it. Even my dermatologist had heard about them and how wonderful they are. They take their job, your skin, and you seriously.

C.S. Berkeley, CA: I found Kat Leverette through the Berkeley Parents Network where people raved about her work. At that point, I was pretty desperate because my skin was no longer benefiting from prescription topical medications, and my dermatologist had basically given up on me.

So I was really, really, really happy to find her clinic. I’ve been going to her for years now, and my skin has never looked so good. Their approach to skin is totally different than anywhere else I’ve ever gone (and I’ve been to a lot of dermatologists/estheticians). She spends a lot of time analyzing your issues and then figures out a regimen, which she then adjusts as needed over time.

The staff is great and the estheticians are all good, but I usually book time directly with Kat because she does this technique called “scraping” which makes me look like I was attacked by bees for about a day and then makes my skin unbelievably perfect. She doesn’t do this to everyone, just those of us with hyperkeratosis…those little bumps under your skin, not dramatic acne, but really annoying and difficult to get rid of.  With this clinic, I have amazing skin. I hope Kathryn Leverette never ever retires!

Nica B. Oakland, CA:  I started breaking out when I was 17 with little pimples here and there, but as I got older, my skin went crazy. I had big painful bumps on my chin, jawline and neck. I tried every over-the-counter acne wash and cream, but nothing worked. Everything I bought made my face more sensitive and irritated.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to pick, thinking that if I squeezed my pimples, the acne would somehow go away. But picking made everything worse, causing huge sores and dark spots all over my face and neck. At the time, I didn’t know this bad habit was introducing bacteria, slowing the healing process, and damaging and scarring my skin. I became too ashamed and embarrassed to go out anywhere.

I finally decided to go the dermatologist and I was prescribed every medication under the sun. Some things worked for a short period of time, while other methods didn’t work at all. Then, I tried Proactiv®, which never worked for my skin. My acne got worse, so as a last resort, my doctor prescribed Accutane®. I was desperate, so I started taking the pills, but immediately began to notice changes in my health, including mood swings and other side effects that became so bad, I was forced to discontinue taking it.

Early one morning, while I was driving and heard about Kat on KBLX radio I pulled over immediately and wrote down the name and number. The minute I got home, I googled them, checked out all the reviews and information, and liked what I read. I called and made my first appointment to see Kat Leverette, who specializes in acne and black skin care. Two days later, I met with Ms. Kat, who took the time to explain the acne process, and then talked to me about my own skin and what I needed to do to get clear. This included specific home care products, icing my acne and making s few simple lifestyle changes, including breaking some bad habits. I purchased the products that I needed to get started and the rest is history. I follow my instructions to the letter and come in for treatments and follow-up visits. Two months later I was clear and I’ve stayed that way. Now, I look and feel beautiful, and I’m a client for life.

Sandra D.  El Sobrante, CA: I just want to say that Kat and her staff are the best. I have never had a bad experience , and I have been going there for years.  I am 42 and have had acne all of my life.  Many products I would use would help temporarily, but before long, I was back in the same place again. I was desperate and scraped up the $300 (at the time) to get my starter kit and three treatments.  It was the best $300 I ever spent. My skin has never been healthier, or clearer.  She made some suggestions that involved taking some food items out of my diet, and some foods were difficult to give up, but it has made a remarkable difference!  Kat definitely knows her stuff!

Jamar J. Hayward, CA: I’m a black man who has never been able to shave without bumping up, itching and getting ugly dark spots. Shaving has always been a huge problem for me. I heard about this place from a co-worker who had good results, so I finally went there after putting it off for several months.

Ms. Leverette transformed my beard from a dark, bumpy mess to smooth skin that matches the rest of my face. I have to shave in a certain way and use my products and sunscreen, but it’s been worth it., even though I messed up at first. The staff walked me through the routine a few times, and I get it now. They were so patient with me.

I get a treatment and a few extractions every month to maintain the results.

T. F. San Leandro, CA: I’m in my 30s and suffered terribly with inflamed acne since I was a teenager. I’ve spent tons of money and countless hours on Proactive and dermatologists and was feeling that my situation was hopeless. Even when the acne would subside for a little while, I was left with tons of dark spots and blotchy skin. I was skeptical and it took a while to believe someone could actually help me.

Once I began Leverette’s acne and dark spot program, I began to see results within the first two weeks. Kathryn explained the acne process and the steps to clear it up, and that I had to make some changes, so now I’m a grateful and educated acne survivor with clear skin.

Michelle W. Oakland, CA: I started going to Kat Leverette in December 2009 after trying so many different products for so long. I was so frustrated and needed help.

The office is in this generic medical building, but when you enter the office, you experience beautiful African carvings and masks, mudcloth wall hangings and oldies, jazz or reggae in stereo. It’s sort of like a medical office, but way more friendly and fun.

I’m a veteran of the “acne wars”, and I’ve been very pleased with my acne treatments, home care products, and customized make-up, which doesn’t clog my pores and make me look oilier than I am. She is very friendly, helpful and supportive. Most of all, I’m really loving the results.

J.B. San Francisco, CA: Ms. Leverette is awesome and highly recommended, especially for darker skin. No frills skin care, excellent products that really work, and make-up that matches my skin tone for the first time ever. Fun, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Cool jazz and African decor. An oasis in a sterile medical building.

Gina B. Oakland, CA:  I was referred to Kathryn Leverette in Oakland by my doctor a couple of years ago. I wish I’d listened to him and gone a whole lot sooner. I finally made an appointment and started my acne program. Kat asked me some key questions and took the time talk to me at length about my skin concerns and my lifestyle. Never in my life has anyone known more about my skin problems. I learned a lot that first day and always look forward to my visits and treatments. The estheticians and even the receptionist are all extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun too. Everyone who sees my skin is impressed with the improvement and it’s really boosted my self-esteem.

Sade S. Oakland, CA: I love this place when I can afford it! Seriously. I will spend my entire weeks pay to get treatments here! It’s so worth it.

My own dermatologist couldn’t help my skin, Proactiv didn’t work for me and those silly drugstore products made my situation worse. If any of this sounds like something you’ve gone through, call Kathryn Leverette. She will give you a consultation and get you clear in no time

I have problem skin, and Kathryn Leverette is a genius. She can have you clear in a few weeks. She really does specialize in “ethnic” skin, which we all know is the most difficult to clear when you have acne discoloration/hyperpigmentation like me.

She has worked with various types of skin and a range of skin colors! Whether you’re dry, oily or in between, she can hook you up. And don’t let the location fool you. I grew up in Oakland so I was sort of skeptical before. But it is really a lovely professional setting and the clinic is very cute. You will enjoy the African art and décor and have soulful and upbeat music playing in the background.

If you check it out and try a treatment and use the products, she’ll have you cleared up in weeks. If you continue, within months you will think you are a skin model! No joke. I almost forgot I had skin problems before. Then, I sort of went backward because I thought I was so cute I stopped using my products and my skin went back to what it was before. Home care is the most important.

Even if you don’t have skin problems and you simply would like to beautify your skin for your wedding, a prom, an important event, modeling, acting, etc.you can get a glycolic treatment (even better than a facial) which removes all the dead skin you’ve accumulated and gives you a beautiful glow! I did this for my birthday and friends couldn’t believe the difference. If you’re getting married, definitely do it for your pictures. Your make-up will look amazing!

The products are great, and if you stick the entire system, including products, treatments, healthy eating and “staying clear” habits, your skin will be good a new within weeks. I’m a five-year customer and I wouldn’t take my skin anywhere else, now that I’ve found Kat Leverette.

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